Pet immunization is crucial for safeguarding the health of cats, dogs, and other pets. If you're welcoming a pet into your home, it's essential to find a veterinarian near you to schedule pet check-ups and discuss immunization. If you live in or near Milwaukee, contact Advanced Vet Care Clinic. Our veterinary care experts are happy to discuss vaccinations and other forms of preventative care with you.

Pet vaccinations

Why Vaccines Are Crucial for Preventative Veterinary Care

Most vaccines for pets are designed to prevent very serious and often difficult-to-treat diseases. Perhaps the most familiar such disease is rabies. If an unvaccinated pet is infected with rabies, it will almost certainly perish and may have to be put to sleep. There is no cure or effective treatment for rabies beyond immunization. Furthermore, it can also spread to people, posing an immense risk.

Antibiotics can be effective for treating bacterial infections. However, they are not effective for treating viral infections like rabies. Viral infections are very hard to treat, making prevention all the more important. Fortunately, pet immunization can prevent viral infections, safeguarding your pet and its well-being. Some vaccines will also protect your loved ones, including children, from dangerous diseases like rabies.

Core and Non-Core Vaccinations Explained

When it comes to cat and dog vaccinations, you'll find both "core" and "non-core" vaccines. What's the difference? A core vaccine is a vaccine that every pet should get regardless of their lifestyle. For example, every cat and dog should be vaccinated against rabies. Even if your cat spends all day indoors, rabies is too dangerous of a disease to risk. There are several other core vaccines for both cats and dogs. It's wise to speak with a veterinarian about which vaccines are considered core.

Then there are vaccinations recommended for pets with specific lifestyles. For example, with dog vaccinations, you can have your canine immunized against Lyme Disease. This condition is spread by ticks, which typically live in wooded areas. If you live in an urban area and your dog doesn't spend a lot of time in the woods, your dog might not need the Lyme Disease vaccine. However, if you take your dog hiking through wooded areas, getting the Lyme vaccination is wise.

Speak With Your Veterinarian If You Have Questions

Cat and dog vaccinations have been administered to millions of animals, resulting in a significant decrease in diseases like rabies. There is no evidence that vaccines pose a regular and serious threat to health. Of course, it's perfectly fair to have questions and concerns. If so, contact a veterinarian near you.

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If you need to schedule pet check-ups and live in or near Milwaukee, contact Advanced Vet Care Clinic.

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