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Our veterinarian recognizes how difficult it is for you to see your loved ones undergo pet surgery. We want to assure you that our surgeon is highly skilled, compassionate, and committed to providing the best care possible in Milwaukee. Here are some of the surgeries we provide on a regular basis:

Spaying and Neutering

– This procedure is not only the most common pet surgery we perform in Milwaukee, but perhaps the most important to your pet’s well-being. To begin with, removing the reproductive organs eliminates the chance of your pet suffering with reproductive cancers. It reduces the aggressive behavior that often arises when an animal is in heat, and also the habit of roaming; both of these behaviors can put your pet at risk for injuries. Surgical sterilization is the best way to assure that your pet lives a happier, healthier life. It is also the most responsible way of preventing unwanted pregnancies, resulting in fewer homeless animals. Neutering of males is a simple procedure that requires little recovery time. Spaying, the removal of female ovaries, is a little more invasive, so might require an overnight stay. We highly recommend sterilization early in your pet’s life, to avoid any of the negative consequences of putting it off until later.

Dental Surgery

– Good dental health care throughout your pet’s life is critical to avoiding serious health issues such as decay, and infections that can lead to more serious diseases. At Advanced Vet Care Clinic, we offer annual dental visits for deep cleaning, to keep your pet’s teeth strong and resistant to tooth and gum disease. As your pet will be sedated during this procedure, we also take the opportunity to check for oral cancer, which if not removed early, is extremely aggressive. You’ll also reap the benefit of having a pet with fresh breath!


– There are many cancers that are common to domestic pets, such as liver and stomach cancer, skin cancer, cancer of the nasal passages and eyelids. Our veterinarian Dr. Singh, is experienced in treating and removing cancers. We check for signs of cancer during regular pet visits, especially skin cancer, which is the most common cancer to afflict pets. If we see the need, we will take a biopsy to check for malignancy and remove any tumors, if necessary.


– Pets suffer from injuries every now and then, no matter how much we try to protect them from harm. Dr. Singh is a pet surgery expert who is capable of treating all types of injuries. His experience ranges from small bite wounds to severe open wounds from other causes that might require sutures or other methods of repair. If your pet needs a torn tendon or ligament repaired, or needs treatment for any other injury, we are here to help!

Internal Surgery

– Our clinic provides the state-of-the art equipment necessary for advanced diagnostics, allowing our veterinarians to assess internal injuries or conditions with accuracy. If your pet is showing symptoms of problems such as tumors, bladder stones, or perhaps ingestion of a foreign object, all of which might necessitate emergency surgery, we can quickly diagnose and treat the problem.

Cosmetic Surgery

– Tail docking pet surgery services are offered at our vet clinic. Call for more info (414) 365-5200.

Whether your pet needs surgery as simple as a tooth extraction or a complex surgery, you can rely on the trusted surgical team at Advanced Vet Care Clinic for exceptional treatment. Schedule a consultation for pet surgery in Milwaukee today!

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