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Caring for a pet is both joyous and challenging. You never know what your furball will get into from one day to the next. With the help of a veterinarian near you, you can keep your pet healthy for years to come. Advanced Veterinary Care Clinic is your one-stop location for quality pet care services in the Milwaukee, WI, area and beyond. If you’re looking for a veterinary expert to partner with in caring for your furry friend, we’re happy to help!



Pets, like people, thrive with the right kind of care. Our animal hospital offers the following services to keep your pet in optimal health:

Preventative Care

Through preventative pet care, our Milwaukee veterinarian can keep health problems to a minimum so your furball can live a longer, healthier life. Our preventative care services include wellness exams, bloodwork, x-rays, parasite prevention, dental care, pet vaccination services, nutritional counseling, and more. Diagnostic tests and x-rays help uncover hidden issues with your pet, so he can get treatment without delay. Diagnosing and treating problems early is key to your pet's recovery.

Pet vaccination includes core and non-core vaccines to keep your pet safe from life-threatening diseases. Some diseases, like rabies, have no cure and can lead to death. That’s why it’s important to vaccinate your furry friend.

Through routine dental care, we can preserve your pet’s oral health. Pets need strong, healthy teeth for nourishment and protection. Our dental care services include annual dental exams, full mouth x-rays, and routine cleanings to reduce your pet’s risk of oral infections and periodontal disease.

Medical Treatment

If your pet gets sick, our vet can provide prompt medical treatment to restore his health. We treat ailments such as pet allergies, urinary tract infections, arthritis, skin problems, respiratory and digestive issues, kidney problems, obesity, and more.

Pet Surgery

We offer routine, cosmetic, and emergency pet surgery to treat traumatic situations that may arise with your pet. Routine and cosmetic surgery includes such procedures as spay and neuter surgery, dental extractions, declawing, tail docking, and ear clipping. We also perform specialized surgery for more serious issues like tumor removal, broken bone repair, tendon or ligament repair, bite wounds, and foreign body removal.


Through our in-office and at-home euthanasia services, we offer a compassionate and painless means of helping pets leave this world behind when their time on earth comes to an end.

Our animal hospital also provides professional grooming, pet boarding and microchipping services for dogs and cats.

Advanced Veterinary Care Clinic - Quality Vet Care Services in the Milwaukee Area!

To schedule vet care services for your kit or pup, contact your Milwaukee, WI, veterinarian near you from Advanced Veterinary Care Clinic at 414-365-5200.

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